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Pump and Treat Technologies Encompass a Range of Systems

which can be used to remove contaminated groundwater or Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL). TM Plant Hire UK Ltd has successfully used pump and treat systems to remove floating "free product" from contaminated groundwater, as well as the removal of the contaminated groundwater itself.
For instance, large volumes of oil can be separated from groundwater with a physical oil/water separator, whilst dissolved hydrocarbons can be removed with carbon filtration and/or biological reactors.
TM Plant Hire UK Ltd have designed and manufactured high complexity pump & treat systems including continuous discharge monitoring with automated telemetric feedback to ensure that the discharge quality is maintained.


About Us

TM Plant Hire (UK) Ltd are based in London and provide niche services to the construction, recycling & regeneration sector. Our experienced management team is supported by technical experts, surveyors, chemists and a team of operatives all of whom carry CPCS or CSCS qualifications.
We are one of the most experienced contaminated land remediation contractors in the UK and provide a range of proven remediation methods, which we adapt and optimise for your individual requirements, so you get a solution specifically designed for your site.


Portable waste water treatment Our portable waste water treatment unit is designed to be transported easily.

  • low operating costs
  • offers safe working access for maintenance because there are no internal moving parts
  • due to the unit's process, there is no manual requirement to de-sludge
  • suitable for permanent or temporary installation
  • transportable and suitable for above the ground installation

We hire Water treatment systems for the site specific treatment of runoff and waste water from construction work. Contact us for more details

Stabilisation Unit



Soil stabilisation and modification, when done properly, can be the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial solution to dealing with contaminated, weakened or unsuitable soil when compared to disposal off-site.